January 11, 2020

Life Coach Session

As I sit down to write this post, I think of all the amazing things that I have learned from Heidi Lakenan. Heidi is kind, goes the extra mile, and always makes you feel like you are the only person in the world when you are talking with her.

Heidi is a life coach who helps anyone and everyone to train their thoughts and their mindset so they can be happier, more productive, and more successful. I actually had a session with Heidi as my life coach and she helped me with a fear of mine that I wasn’t sure I would overcome. To be honest, I talked with her about my fear of having another child. I was afraid of the illness I faced when I got pregnant with my first child, the horrible delivery that I had, and if I would be able to be a good mother to my first child while going through all of that at the same time. Heidi helped me to recognize what I was truly afraid of and how to overcome those fears. She helped me so much that, as you probably already know, I am expecting my second child in just a few months.

If you are looking for any help with fears of struggles you have faced for years, you should definitely send her a message! She is the most understanding, non-judgmental, and kind person that I know. She has a way of helping you to learn more about yourself while not being ashamed of what someone else will be thinking. She genuinely cares about everyone she meets and I hope that you look her up! (I’ll include her information at the end of the post.)

I also wanted to say that this session with Heidi was one of my favorite sessions of all time. Heidi has never had professional photos taken of her and she would make me laugh like I never have during a session! Heidi is so authentic and has a gift of making everyone around her feel special. I definitely felt like the one that had the most fun, learned the most, and wanted to live it over and over again.

Here’s the link to her facebook page! Definitely check her out!


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