As a photographer I consider myself a "person-centered photographer". Every image should be centered around you and the people that you love. I always prioritize the best lighting, best posing, and best time of day for portraits. I put my clients first and always create joy filled moments to capture. 

Hi! I'm Mindy. I'm so glad you're here! I am based out of Delta Colorado and am a Grand Junction, Montrose, Ouray, Crested Butte, and Delta Colorado family, senior, and wedding photographer. My house has 200 nerf bullets scattered on the floor (not exaggerating) , Bluey is currently my favorite show, and I am a wedding and portrait photographer for the Colorado western slope. I am a 27 year old mother, wife, and believer. I spend my time reading parenting books, business books/podcasts, eating pumpkin pie (even in April), and teaching my kids how to love life. I know that being a mother has propelled me into being the best photographer that I could ever be. Kids change and grow up so fast! Too fast! I believe in capturing all the treasured moments of family.

To me, photography is all about LOVE

Attended BYU studying Psychology

Became a missionary and met the love of my life in Arizona

Got married on October 8th 






Had my first son, Matthew. Began my photography business




Had our second son, Lincoln during the beginning of the pandemic. Still encouraged to spray our groceries and living in quarantine.

Living my best life with one child in preschool, two at home, and a husband running his own business down the street.


Had our third son, Benjamin 

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RObert + Megan


"Mindy is a FANTASTIC photographer. Our family pictures turned out beautifully, and she was so patient with my two little kids. Mindy was very efficient at giving us directions for different poses, so the photo shoot went smoothly and quickly. (Very important because we took our pictures in falling snow... burrr!) She made sure I received all the poses I asked for, which was really important to me. I recommend her highly!!"

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Justin + Amber


"Mindy was the BEST wedding photographer we could have asked for! She was so personable with our family and everyone commented on her friendly and outgoing personality. We had a pretty sticky family situation between our two families which she handled very professionally and with ease. Our pictures are GORGEOUS and she helped us feel very relaxed and comfortable during the shoots. She had a fast turn around time with editing and did a great job of taking charge of our huge crowd and getting the pictures taken very quickly. Highly recommended for any bride to be!!!!"

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Mosiah + alisa


"Mindy is the best photographer I’ve ever worked with!! She made me feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera during my engagement session. I received my pictures back so fast and I loved how she edited them to look so natural. I was also surprised by how many pictures she got back to me. My husband and I are going to cherish these photos forever. I recommend her to everyone!! Totally worth every penny."

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JUanita and Bailey


"From the very beginning and through the entire process leading up to the big day, Mindy was my girl in my corner. As my husband and I faced the task of planning, paying,a nd figuring out all the tedious tasks that goes along with planning a wedding, Mindy helped guide us through the important parts of making sure our big orchestrated best day of our lives were captured forever and captured perfectly. She asked the right questions. She understood the style we were going for and even when the weather was looking rather iffy and could start hailing any second, she was able to be quick but made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. It took me awhile to print out our wedding photos and a huge reason was due to that was because there were SO MANY good ones to choose from. Her coloring was lovely and added that perfect day to get married vibes. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer! 

let's be friends

Get to know me

Let's be friends

1. I love holidays (and my birthday completely counts as a holiday) and holiday treats. Pumpkin pie, candy hearts, Cadbury Eggs, candy corn, you name it. I love it.

2. I love traveling the world (not as much right now because I have three very small children) but it's definitely a passion of mine! I have been to Italy, Ireland, England, France, Mexico, all of the United States, Canada, Israel, and Wales. I hope to add more to the list!

3. My husband and I met while we were serving as missionaries. He was the hardest working, cutest (of course), and most spiritual person. I love that the foundation of our marriage and family is first on Jesus.

4. My son, Matthew (6) had ear infections almost every month of his life and three sets of tubes. My son Lincoln (4) has asthma, allergies to Milk, Eggs, and Peanuts, and severe Eczema. My son Benjamin (2) was on a feeding tube for a few months because he refused to drink any milk or drink from a bottle. We have the best kids, but we are not without our own trials.

Meet My little 


Matthew started kindergarten this last fall, loves riding his bike, painting, and goes to sessions with me with his own baby camera

Lincoln loves riding his balance bike, monster trucks, excavators, and anything with dirt

Benjamin is learning how to run and climb on everything. He loves rolling the toilet paper to the ground and being tickled

Matthew (6)

Lincoln (3)

Benjamin (2)