Grand Junction, Delta, and Montrose Colorado Photographer


You know that Mom who takes way too many photos of their children?
That's me. Hi!
I take pictures of my kids all the time and you know what it taught me? That you'll never regret the photos you take of your family or loved ones. Not only will "not regret it" but you'll actually be thankful for it and so will your children and your grandchildren and so on.
I'm the kind of person who spent money on all the wrong things. For example, I spent too much money on things for my wedding that lasted for one day instead of the photos that we had to last us for the rest of our lives. I spent too much money on the fancy toys and high chairs rather than the photos of my children that will last forever. If I learned anything from the past few years of marriage and having young children, it's that life changes so fast. I'm here to help you to capture the memories in life that matter most.

They're not just pretty pictures 

They are memories
They are treasures
They are your legacy
They are your story
They are the way your spouse looks at you on your wedding day
They are the way your children laugh when you tickle them
They are the way you hold your children with love and tenderness because you're always the one taking the picture instead of in the pictures
They are the way your fiance was looking so attractive and you couldn't stop smiling
Photos are more than just pretty pictures
 My photos are more than just pretty pictures to post on social media and get a lot of likes. 
These photos will be the ones in your slideshow when your child graduates
These photos will be what you show your children of the day your were married
These photos will be what you look back on when your days get hard
These photos will carry you back in time to remember the good ol days
These photos are to treasure up every moment of your life, because your life is worth documenting and treasuring. 

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