January 10, 2020

My Family Session

My family pictures are finally done and ready to be blogged! I love my family so much! I thought this would be a good time to introduce myself and tell you the story of my family.

Taylor and I met while we were serving as missionaries for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you serve a mission you serve for 1.5-2 years wherever you are assigned and move around frequently throughout the designated area you are given. Taylor and I met during the last 9 months of so of both of our missions and are so happy that we did! I don’t know how I would have met a small town boy from Colorado when I was going to college in the city.

When we got back from our missions we dated for a few months, but because of how much time we had previously spent together (everyday, multiple times a day for almost 9 months) we had already known each other extremely well. We got engaged and married in the same year (2016) and started going to school at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. After two semesters at BYU Taylor and I decided that we would finish school at Southern Utah University down in Cedar City, Utah. Cedar City was a smaller town, his family lived there, and it offered the kind of career that he wanted. We moved to Cedar City and I was pregnant with our son, Matthew and we were excited to start a new life there. However, after one semester Taylor recognized that college couldn’t offer him the kind of career that he was looking for. His heart was also set on living near his family in the small town of Delta, Colorado. We ended up moving to Delta (literally on the day Matthew was born, but that’s a story for another time) and Taylor found a job he loves as a gunsmith/machinist for a company in Grand Junction.

As for me, I was studying Psychology at BYU and wanted to become a therapist. What kind of therapist you might ask? I didn’t really know yet, but I loved the idea of helping people with addictions to find hope and healing. Once we moved to Delta and we had Matthew I was a stay at home Mom that just came from going to school and having a job. I was pretty bored and lonely to be honest and started getting in photography a lot more than I ever have. Trust me, when you have a new baby and you have an amazing camera and LOTS of time, you can imagine what happened next. I started taking pictures for my friends and family and their friends and family started asking for pictures and from there… it became a beautiful surprise that I’m falling more in love with everyday.

Matthew will be two in a few weeks and we have another one on the way! The baby is due in the very beginning of June and we are finding out the gender hopefully in a week and a half. I can’t wait to post here in a few weeks and let you know what we are having!

Thank you for reading along with my blog and for taking and interest in my life, family, and my photography. I hope that I can get to know you and your story sooner than later!

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