September 7, 2020

Colorado Senior Session

I’m so excited to share this incredible senior session with Eli! When I was preparing for this session, I drove around with my husband for an entire day trying to find a new place to shoot. After an entire day of disappointing discoveries my husband said, “Why don’t you just take them at Confluence? I don’t know why it has to be a brand new place. Confluence is beautiful and I think you should try it out.” For those of you who don’t know what “Confluence” is, it’s a park about a mile away from my house. I didn’t really like shooting there because I’d rather have somewhere adventurous and new instead of the one and only park in our area. However, I listened to my husband and set out session to be in Confluence and I am actually really glad that I did. They turned out great and it didn’t take an hour to get there.

Eli and his family go to the same church as me. I love seeing them on Sundays and Eli was actually a student in my Sunday school class. Let’s just say that he ALWAYS reminded me to laugh and have fun in class, which was one of the most important lessons that I learned. I wasn’t a teenager THAT long ago, but somehow I forgot that teenagers like to have fun and make jokes during class :). Luckily I had Eli there to make the class brighter and more fun. Eli’s Mom was actually the first person to ask me to do a session for her (like, ever :)). His family is so kind and thoughtful, I’m really lucky to know them and to call them friends.

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