September 7, 2020

Colorado Photographer Session

It is such an honor when another photographer asks if I can take pictures for them! This was such a delight when Katy asked if I was available to take pictures for her. Katy is a photographer here in Colorado and her business is called Frosted photographer. She is the sweetest and kindest person! I love how my job allows me to get to know so many incredible people.

Right when she arrived for the session I said, “Would you say it’s scarier to be on your side or on my side?” (since she has done both) She said, “I think my side!” haha. We both laughed because it is always a little scary to get your pictures taken. I hear this a lot! On the flip side however, it’s also a lot of pressure on me (as the photographer) to make things as wonderful as possible. I have to make sure I find the right spots, right lighting, and do the right poses. I also have to make sure I talk and listen to you as I am thinking through where I am going next and what I’ll do next. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB! BUT, there is definitely pressure on both sides of the camera. We laughed and had such a great time talking about photography and our lives.

Something that Katy and I really clicked with was our faith. We both are really strong believers in God and it made it easy to find things to talk about. I think it’s fun to meet someone who is also a believer because they always teach me something meaningful throughout the session. I am thankful to have met Katy and to have learned from her example! Make sure to look her up whenever you get the chance.

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