April 14, 2022

Eden Utah Portrait Session

Has your favorite person ever asked you to take their photo? Because this time that actually happened and it made me happier than I could even express! Mia was a missionary in Colorado for a few months and helped me during such a hard time of my life. It was when I was pregnant with my second, Lincoln. At around 24 weeks I was making dinner one night and felt intense pain like I had never experienced before. I could hardly breathe or move and was in tears on the floor. I went immediately to the hospital and found out that I had tore my placenta and that I had to be on bed rest for a few weeks (possibly the rest of my pregnancy) to try and keep Lincoln from needing to be born so early. I couldn’t get out of bed, do the dishes, take care of my oldest child, NOTHING. Mia was a missionary then and came and helped me clean my house because I couldn’t do it myself. She would visit and just make the loneliness feel less awful. I am so thankful for kind, christ like people like Mia. She makes everyone around her feel like a million dollars and sees only the best in them. She never makes you feel like you aren’t enough. She always lifts you up. She shines like the light in these photos. SHE IS AMAZING.

She also had a lot of patience with me during this photoshoot because it was an hour or more away from where she lives and it was very, very, very smokey that day from a fire. She came down anyway and because the roads were closed she met me on the side of the road and we found a different place to take photos. I hope you enjoy the photos of our adventurous and totally fun session!

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