July 1, 2021

Newborn Sunflower Session

This perfect little angel was only a few days old when she came over to our house last week and we have been missing her ever since! Her mom had to be induced early because the doctors thought her baby was getting bigger than they anticipated. I texted them while they were in the hospital to tell them I was praying for them and felt like I was in a very very small way able to be a part of this beautiful little girl coming into the world. She is so sweet and I hope you enjoy these photos of her!

Want to hear a side story about these newborn photos? When my friend brought over her baby to our home it was like everything was peaceful, closer to heaven, and we didn’t want them to leave. Being around this baby, and holding her, ended up having some funny side effects to my pregnant mind and body. The next day I deep cleaned my oven, fridge, microwave, shower, etc. I went into serious nesting mode like I was going to have a baby tomorrow. My mother in law was on the phone with me and said that it seemed a bit early (since I’m 24 weeks) to be crying while deep cleaning my oven in the middle of the day 😂 😂. Yep. It was very early, and my baby won’t be here until October. However, holding this beautiful baby girl made me want my baby a lot sooner. Can you blame me!? Look at how perfect and little she is! ENJOY!

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