June 29, 2021

Crested Butte Mountain Wedding

Bailey and Juanita were truly the most incredible and kind hearted couple. You can just feel it when you’re with them! You can see it when you watch them interact. You can hear it in the stories that their family members and best friends shared about them. They are truly soulmates and best friends. 

The week leading up to the wedding I kept checking the weather and it said it would be around 40 degrees with high winds, rain, and lightning storms. Getting married in Crested Butte is always an adventure because the weather can change really at any time. The wedding was set to be at the Woods Walk and I was worried that it would be stormy and hard to get the kind of photos that Juanita had always wanted. Normally if your wedding day is set to be stormy and windy it would make you stressed and panicked, but not for Juanita. She was so sweet to everyone around her and excited to be married no matter what came in their way. Juanita and Bailey were kind, happy, and nothing else really mattered but that they were going to be husband and wife. It was inspiring and made the whole day run so smoothly and everyone had such a wonderful time. When we arrived at the Woods Walk it was cloudy and perfectly calm. Throughout the entire ceremony and family portraits there was not a single drop of rain or gust of wind. Literally right when we got into the van to go the reception it started getting windy and hailing! I remember thinking how much of a miracle it was that we had practically perfect weather and perfect lighting during the entire ceremony.

It was truly such an honor to be able to photograph Bailey and Juanita’s wedding! They are basically the coolest, most fun, down to earth couple. Their adorable dog, Disco, was able to join in on so many of their photos, as well as their van that they travel the country together in. I loved the way that Bailey would look at Juanita throughout the day and how Juanita couldn’t stop smiling. It was a celebration of love and devotion that I will never forget.

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