September 7, 2020

Colorado College Graduating Senior

Have you ever had to reschedule a few times for your session and feel horrible about it? ME TOO! With Makenna especially! I remember by the time we met the first thing I told her was, “I’m so sorry!” haha 🙂 We just had so many different things come up that made it hard to meet a few times in a row. But thankfully she never let that stop her!

You know how there are some people that are just gifted with making others laugh? And feel comfortable to be completely themselves? Makenna has that gift. When we started shooting she told me that she had never had her picture taken by a professional photographer. It can be a little intimidating the first time you are in front of the camera. You aren’t sure what to do and where to stand. While I was walking her through what to do we just kept laughing and I felt immediately so comfortable with her. We had such a fun time. In the locations we were at there were a lot of poky tall not very fun things to walk through. I would say things like, “would you mind walking into that huge bush with your super cute shoes and skirt?” haha. I felt so bad! She would laugh and say “of course I can!” :). I was so thankful for her adventurous spirit and constant smile through all of it. I remember smiling the whole way home.

There’s a lesson here that we can all learn from. When you give others the ability to be themselves there’s a certain kind of magic that happens. There’s such genuine smiles that comes from Makenna during this session. I scroll through these photos and find myself smiling too. Her smile is contagious and she makes everyone around her feel the contagious happiness. I hope we can try to do this more with others around us.

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