July 10, 2020

Amber and Justin Wedding

I was so lucky to be the photographer for the wedding of Justin and Amber last summer in Utah. They are so in love and such incredible examples of treating others with kindness.

I met Amber while I was serving for a missionary for our church. We were companion missionaries for a few months together and had so much fun! We’ve been best friends ever since and when I found out she was getting married I reached out to her immediately to see if she had a photographer yet. We were so excited to see each other again and I couldn’t wait to meet her future husband, Justin.

We met at the Payson, Utah Temple for bridals the night before the wedding. When we got to the wedding there was a flash flood warning on my phone that would start right when we arrived and wouldn’t end for a few hours. We had umbrellas, waited in the car for a half hour or so, and prayed that we would be able to get a few pictures in. The pictures that we took that night ended up being my absolute FAVORITE pictures I took during the entire wedding! I loved the way the sky looked during the storm and Justin and Amber were so patient through all of the chaos. It almost felt like we were a part of a romantic movie because the rain was coming down and they were in their wedding attire and it was just incredible! I learned so much from this experience. I learned that even when things seem like they are ruined, if you have a positive attitude you can turn anything around.

The wedding the following day was beautiful as the ceremony was actually behind a flower shop in Payson! When I pulled up to the flower shop on main street I wasn’t sure how it would fit into the grassy, flowery place that Amber had described. But when I went through to the back of the flower shop it was like I was nothing I could have imagined.

Amber and Justin’s family were so welcoming and kind. They also knew how to throw an incredible party! At the end of the night it was like they welcomed me into the family and I have stayed in touch with many of them ever since.

I hope you enjoy Amber and Justin’s special day as you look through these photos! I know that I did!

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